Resource Parent’s Grievance

Grievances can be filed by resource parents approved by DHS.

Who may file a grievance

Any resource parent approved by DHS may file a grievance without fear of reprisal or discrimination.

What complaints are considered

The complaint may be about any policy, rule, decision, behavior, action or condition made or permitted by DHS
or its employees. Grievances against DHS or its staff are handled by the local grievance coordinator in your local DHS
county office.

How to file a grievance

To file a grievance, obtain the Grievance form from your local grievance coordinator, your child welfare
specialist or OCA. Complete the form and include what you want to solve the problem. Return the form to the local
grievance coordinator or any staff member. You have 45 calendar days from the date of the problem to file the
grievance. The form gives you the name and telephone number of the local grievance coordinator if you want more

When your home is approved and at annual re-assessments, you will be asked to sign the Notice of Grievance
Rights – Foster Parents form verifying the procedure has been explained to you.

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