Bridge Resource Parent Complaints

The Office of Client Advocacy investigates complaints by resource parents alleging that an employee of the department or of a child-placing agency has threatened you (resource parent) with removal of a child from your home, harassed you, refused to place a child in your licensed or certified resource home, or disrupted a child’s placement as retaliation against you because you:

  • Filed a grievance
  • Provided information about an employee to any state official or DHS employee
  • Testified, assisted or otherwise participated in an investigation, proceeding or hearing against DHS or childplacing agency

This does not include investigating any complaint resulting from an administrative, civil or criminal action taken
by the department or child-placing agency for violations of law or rules or contract provisions by the resource parent.

The Office of Client Advocacy will be granted access to any resource home certified, authorized or funded by the
department or a child-placing agency.

Not all disputes and problems are considered appropriate to be addressed through this grievance process.

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