Payment begins the month following the final approval of the resource home. For example, if children are placed in your home in January, and you are an approved resource, you would not receive the maintenance payment for those children until February. Resource parents receive maintenance payments only for the days children are in the home. The last day of placement is the exception.

Child Welfare staff approves the foster care claims every month. The claims are then generated via the KIDS automated financial management system. Claims are processed and every effort is made for the maintenance payments to be direct deposited or loaded on the EBT card by the 15th of the month, but are not considered to be late until the 20th of the month. If the monthly maintenance payment has not been received by the 20th of the month, please notify your child welfare resource specialist.

When a child’s age places him or her in the next age group within the foster care maintenance payment rates, the higher rate becomes effective the month following the child’s birthday and is automatically generated by the computer. For example, if a child turned six in January, the increased maintenance payment amount would be indicated on the February payment that is received in March. The increased amount is automatically generated by the computer. Resource parents are not responsible for advising the child welfare specialist of the child’s birthday.

If you close the account associated with your direct deposit, it is very important to advise your child welfare resource specialist immediately. If you have any questions concerning the claims, or notice an error in payments received, please contact your child welfare resource specialist immediately.

Underpayments will be corrected through a supplemental claim that is generated by the computer. Overpayments must be repaid in full by the resource parent. Overpayments not repaid in full result in the delay of reimbursement being received by the new resource parents where the children are placed. A repayment schedule may be established if necessary. If an EBT card has been lost or stolen, notify your child welfare resource specialist.

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