Resource homes are reassessed on a continual basis. A formal written reassessment of each approved home is completed annually as long as the resource is open. The areas covered during this reassessment include:

  • Review of children placed in the home
  • The adjustment of children to the home
  • Resource parents’ handling of problems
  • Reason for resource parents’ requesting the removal of any child
  • Any significant changes in the resource parents’ circumstances
  • Safety issues in the home such as current pet vaccinations, storage of weapons, location and condition of smoke detectors and fire extinguishers
  • Safety issues concerning transportation such as insurance, car seats and seatbelts
  • Number of children for which the resource home is approved
  • A review of policy including changes and updates
  • Background checks on all household members 18 years and older, every three years
  • Financial and medical information updated every three years, or as necessary

Resource parents are encouraged to keep a log or journal, noting any significant changes in the child’s behavior or adjustment, as well as all medical, dental and mental health appointments. Resource parents and child welfare specialists are encouraged to communicate on a continual basis regarding the adjustment, development, behavior and accomplishments of each child in a resource home.

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