Family Team Meeting

A Family Team meeting is a way to engage and partner with a family and all the people who surround a family. It’s a way to facilitate communication between child welfare, children/youth, their families and the community partners about the responsibility we share in protecting the child(ren)/youth. The purpose is to support the family in building a support network that will eventually sustain them in keeping their children safe after their child welfare case is closed. A family team meeting can be used as an avenue of discussion to resolve any issue that comes up within the course of a case. Some ways that family team meetings support families include:

  • Reaching agreement on which identified safety issues will be resolved and how they will be addressed throughout the life of the case
  • Developing a service agreement that is created using the best ideas of the family, informal and formal supports that the family believes in, the agency approves of, and also lessens risk and heightens safety for the child/youth and family
  • Planning for how all participants will take part in, support and implement the Service Agreement developed by the team
  • Resolving any need for placements that arise if the child/youth is removed from the home

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