When a Child Leaves

It may be difficult for the resource family when a child leaves the home. Personal sacrifices have been made to help this child, and understanding, time and energy have been expended by the resource family. Because of this attachment to the child, the resource parent will play an important role in helping the child prepare to return home or to another appropriate placement. Talk to the child’s child welfare specialist or the resource specialist in regards to telling the child about the move and how best to handle questions or concerns.

Try to make the move easy for the child. Send a letter about the child to the new resource family or birth parents for easier transition. Point out changes in routine, behavior and personality that have occurred. Make sure that the child’s life book, personal property, health records and medical cards are transferred with the child.

If possible, it is very important and strongly encouraged that resource parents maintain a relationship with the child after he or she leaves.

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