When a Child is Placed

Here are further questions to ask when the decision has been made to accept a child into the home:

  • When does Johnny need to see the doctor?
  • When did he have his last physical and dental exam?
  • What are the names of Johnny’s doctors and dentist and where are they located?
  • Does Johnny have any medical, dental or behavioral health appointments already scheduled?
  • What, if any, violent, traumatic or upsetting events have happened to Johnny or has witnessed?
  • Does Johnny have a supply of his medication? How much longer should he continue on his medication? Where/ how can the prescription be refilled?
  • Does Johnny need clothing?
  • When is Johnny’s family’s next court date?
  • What are some of Johnny’s favorite and least favorite foods?
  • What is Johnny’s usual daily schedule?
  • Where has Johnny been attending school (if school age)? Where will Johnny go to school? Will Johnny go to school tomorrow?
  • What are the transportation arrangements for Johnny to get to and from school?
  • What is the correct spelling of Johnny’s full name? Does he have a nickname? What does he like to be called? Who does Johnny talk to on the telephone? What are their numbers?
  • What is the office and after-hours telephone number of the child welfare specialist? What is the name and telephone number of the supervisor?
  • Who are some of the individuals closest to Johnny, and what is their relationship to him?
  • Has Johnny ever run away?
  • Are there individals we should be concerned about when out in public?

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