Travel and Vacations

Resource parents are encouraged to include children placed in their homes in the family travel and vacation plans. When travel plans do include a child placed in your home, inform the child’s child welfare specialist as soon as possible regarding the destination and duration of the trip. Advance planning is necessary since parental or court approval is needed for the child to travel out of the state or country. These travel plans should not conflict with the child’s scheduled parental visits, court appearances, etc. When traveling out-of-state or out of the country, the resource parent will need to take the completed Travel and Medical Authorization form which may be obtained from the child’s child welfare specialist.

You will also need to take the child’s medical card in case a medical emergency occurs. If the child will not or cannot travel with the resource parent, the child’s child welfare specialist must be notified as soon as possible in order that temporary (alternate) care plans can be arranged.

Using the approved alternate caregiver designated by the resource family and approved by DHS is encouraged. Often a person familiar to the child is willing to provide temporary care during the time the resource parent will be gone – emergency travel, family crisis, etc. — thus preventing another change or disruption in the continuity of care for the child.

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