Written Plan of Compliance

A Written Plan of Compliance (WPC) could be necessary following an investigative finding or after a policy violation or concern has been identified and needs to be corrected in order for the resource home to continue to be used.
The WPC is a joint effort between the resource parent and the resource specialist responsible for the resource home. It is a plan that identifies and addresses needs in the resource home, ensures the provision of needed services to the resource home and the children placed there and identifies steps that need to be taken by the resource family, as well as DHS, to assist the resource family in resolving the situation. The WPC is time limited, with a time frame, in most instances, that does not exceed 90 days. Within the specified time frame, the WPC is reviewed, at agreed upon intervals, regarding the progress being made and the continued use of the home. The WPC must be signed by the resource parents, the resource specialist that developed the plan and the resource specialist’s supervisor.

If resource parents are unwilling or unable to acknowledge the issue which requires resolution or to participate in a WPC, the home may be closed. The WPC is reviewed by the field manager.

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