Resource Family Information Chart

Requirements Foster Care Adoption
Motivation Desire to help children in need of a family and to help strengthen families Desire to expand their family
Primary Goal Reunification; placement is temporary and the child is a ward of the court Permanence; legal relationship is established; child has same privileges as children born into the family; no longer wards of the court
Training 27 hours preservice training Same
Same Not allowed in the home or automobile Same until finalization
OSBI Name Search OSBI records search, Department of Public Safety check, Sex Offenders Registry check Same
Fingerprinting Required for all adults in the home. However, when the home is approved, children can be placed pending fingerprint results if the adults have lived in Oklahoma the last five consecutive years. If not, results must be received before children can be placed Same
(Juvenile Information System)
For youth in the home over the age of 13 Same
Assessment of the Home
  • Safety requirements including pets, swimming pools, guns, etc
  • Medicals, including immunization records for children
  • Vehicles
Health Insurance None required Availability is assessed
Rates of Reimbursement Monthly reimbursement and clothing rates per age:

0-5 years: $365.00
6-12 years: $430.00
13+ years: $498.33
If the child is approved for adoption subsidy, the rates are negotiated up to the maximum:

0-5 years: $270.00
6-12 years: $324.00
13+ years: $378.00
Difficulty of Care Available when child meets criteria Same; may not be approved at the same level received in foster care
Child Care Foster care/day care is paid for families who work a minimum of 20 hours per week outside the home Not available
Re-evaluations Yearly Yearly

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