Things You Can Do to Help Youth Prepare for Independent Living

Help her get an original copy of her birth certificate.

Help him get a Social Security card.

Enroll her in a school program in which she can succeed.

Help him get a photo identification card.

Find out if she is eligible for a Medicaid card.

Help him get copies of medical records.

Start a Life Book that will contain important papers.

Help her open a bank account.

Teach him how to write and cash a check.

Line her up with a dentist that she can continue to use when she is on her own.

Line him up with a doctor he can continue to see when he is on his own.

Help her make a family scrapbook.

Help him renew contact with family members.

Help her develop at least one friendship.

Line him up with a counselor/therapist he can continue to see when he is on his own.

Take her to join a local recreation center.

Teach him some inexpensive ways to have fun.

Connect her with a church group.

Help him find a better paying job.

Make sure she really understands birth control.

Show him the best places to shop for food, clothing and furniture.

Help her learn how to look up resources in the phone book.

Help him work through an independent living skills workbook.

Teach her how to read a map.

Take him on a tour of the city.

Teach her how to use the bus system and read the bus schedules.

Buy him an alarm clock and teach him how to use it.

Show her how to use the library and get a library card.

Help her get a driver’s license and compare insurance rates before buying.

Role play, with her, contacts with police, bank tellers, doctors and others.

Role play, with him, several styles of job interviews.

Help her write a resume and an application fact sheet.

Make a list of important phone numbers for him.

Teach her how to cook five good meals.

Teach him how to store food.

Teach her how to use coupons and comparison shop.

Teach him how to read a paycheck stub.

Teach her how to use an oven and microwave.

Teach him how to thoroughly clean a kitchen and bathroom.

Take her to sessions of adult traffic and criminal court.

Teach her how to get a lawyer and when to get one.

Help him understand a lease or rental agreement.

Teach her how to do her taxes.

Teach him how to write a letter and mail it.

Help her find a safe, inexpensive place to live.

Teach him how to budget.

Help her select and get along with a roommate.

Talk to him often about his feelings about going out on his own.

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