The University of Oklahoma National Resource Center for Youth Services

The DHS IL program contracts with OUNRCYS to provide training, teen conferences, technical assistance, and resources to eligible youth. Some of the services provided are:

Technical Assistance

Have a question about independent living? Direct access to an independent living specialist is available via e-mail at or you can contact us at 918-633-2144. IL specialists are available to provide assistance to anyone working with an eligible youth by request. Services include general information about independent living, direct or targeted information regarding specific youth, and direct and/or one-on-one assistance to those that serve eligible youth. Specialists assist child welfare, tribal staff, placement providers, resource parents, and other community partners with information necessary for a comprehensive IL plan for youth placed in out-of-home care.


OUNRCYS provides Independent Living training workshops throughout the state for workers, placement providers, community resources, and other individuals who work with eligible youth. Visit the events portion of our website at or email us at for more information or to request training.

Teen Conferences

Teen conferences are offered each year. Youth, along with adult sponsors, attend the conference, usually on a college campus, to learn independent living skills. Workshops and recreational activities provide opportunities for young people and adults to network with other youth and adults in the system. Resource parents are encouraged to attend these conferences in order to share in the experience firsthand.

Independent Living Seminars

Multiple Independent Living seminars are offered for adult sponsors and youth 16 and older each year. These seminars provide youth with opportunities to learn information specific to the seven key elements of independent living: health, housing, education, employment, essential documents, life skills, and permanent connections. At seminars, youth gain an awareness of important information and practice skills they need to know to successfully transition from care. Register for events at

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