Rights of Pregnant and/or Parenting Youth

Families caring for or considering caring for a youth who is pregnant or a male or female youth who has a child and is the caregiver of that child, should be aware of the youth’s rights and the services that are available to the youth and the child.

Foster youth who are pregnant, or have a child they are caring for have the right:

  • To be placed in a stable, safe place to live with their child, unless separate placements are necessary for safety and treatment reasons
  • To continue their education and obtain a high school diploma
  • To receive day care assistance for their child when eligible
  • To receive ongoing prenatal, medical or dental care wherever they live
  • To actively participate in the care and support of their child by having regular visits when they do not have physical custody of the child
  • To receive appropriate services such as counseling
  • To receive assistance in learning to be a better parent
  • To receive preparation for living on their own
  • To be free from discrimination based on their status as a pregnant or a parenting youth

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