Parenting the Child

When the youth makes the decision to keep the child, services including parenting skills training and assistance in accessing community resources are arranged. Services address the youth’s abilities to meet her child’s needs and the parent/child relationship. An assessment is conducted, with the youth’s participation. Needs, performance criteria, services and achievement dates are included in the treatment and service plan. The unique dynamic of parenting a youth who is parenting a child presents additional responsibilities for the resource parent which include:

  • Modeling how to be a responsible adult
  • Modeling parenting for the youth
  • Being involved with the other youth parent of the foster youth’s child regarding visits, dating, medical care or other situations
  • Working closely with the child welfare specialist and medical professionals on issues related to fostering youth who are sexually active
  • Letting the youth take personal responsibility for the care of his or her child while ensuring the safety and welfare of the child. Resource parents must be careful observers and are mandated reporters of abuse or neglect
  • Working with the child welfare specialist to guide the youth through educational and vocational decisions which will influence his or her future and the future of the child

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