Runaway or Abducted Children

As a resource parent, you may be faced with a foster child or youth who leaves your home or, in very rare instances, is taken by someone else without your permission. As with any parent who would be concerned about their missing child, you should immediately report the situation to:

  1. Your local law enforcement agency to file a missing child report, particularly if you have reason to believe the child may have been abducted. When filing the report, please make every effort to obtain the following information:
    • The name of the law enforcement agency accepting the report
    • Name of the law enforcement officer taking the report
    • Phone number of the law enforcement agency
    • Law enforcement case number assigned to the missing child report
  2. The assigned DHS child welfare specialist. The child welfare specialist will also need the information listed above.

Note: If you do not feel that you are able to make the missing child report yourself, immediately call the assigned child welfare specialist with the date, time, and circumstances. The child welfare specialist will make the report to the local law enforcement agency.

If the child placed in your home makes any contact with you after they have left your home or returns to your home after you have contacted the appropriate authorities, please call the assigned child welfare specialist immediately to advise of the child’s situation.

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