Psychotropic Medications

Psychotropic medications, medications prescribed to alter mood, affect or behavior are considered by Oklahoma Statute, DHS policy, Medicaid policy and DHS out-of-home care contracts as a form of routine medical care for children in DHS custody. Traditional, kinship, therapeutic, contract, emergency and tribal resource parents are required to obtain guardian approval for the use of these medications by children in DHS custody. However, there are instances where a physician or medical facility requests a separate and speci c written consent. Informed consent for medical care and treatment or administration of psychotropic medication that requires a separate and speci c written consent may only be given by the child’s

  1. Parent whose parental rights are intact
  2. Legal guardian
  3. DHS representative after:
    1. A reasonable attempt to locate a parent or legal guardian has failed
    2. Consideration of a sufficient explanation by a physician regarding the risks involved in the proposed treatment

If a request for separate and specific written consent is requested, please advise the child’s CW specialist.

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