Special Education Services

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 mandates that all children with disabilities, birth 
to twenty-two (22), receive special education and related services to meet their individual needs. Oklahoma State Statutes, Title 70, Oklahoma School Code, allows children three through 21 to receive these services through their local school district. Children birth to 3 receive special education services through the SoonerStart Early Intervention Program through their County Health Department.

Special education is instruction specially designed to meet the unique needs of children who have disabilities. This is provided at no cost to parents. Special education may include instruction in a variety of settings, such as the regular classroom, resource room, self-contained special classroom, at home, in hospitals or institutions or other places as appropriate.

Related services are supported services to assist children with disabilities to participate in education. Examples of related services include speech language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, assistive technology services and special transportation arrangements.

Child welfare specialists and resource parents must aggressively advocate for appropriate educational testing and class placement to be accomplished in a timely manner. Such advocacy is an important function of resource family care. Evaluation and special educational placement are important aspects of assistance for the child and support for resource parents.

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