SoonerStart provides special educational services to infants and toddlers, birth up to 3 years of age, with disabilities or developmental delays. Services may include diagnosis and evaluation, case management, family training, counseling, home visits, certain health services, nursing services, nutrition services, occupational, physical and speech-language therapy and special instruction. Services are provided in the resource parent’s home, the child care setting or other agree upon locations.

All children under the age of 3, who are in the DHS custody are to be referred to SoonerStart by the child welfare specialist. A resource parent may also make a referral to SoonerStart. After referral, a SoonerStart coordinator will contact the resource parent and arrange a home visit. The child will be screened for eligibility during the home visit. In order to be eligible for services, the child must be delayed in their development or have a condition such as Down syndrome that will most likely cause a developmental delay. If SoonerStart determines a child is not eligible, and the resource parent or child welfare specialist is still concerned in regards to the child’s developmental or emotional needs, either individual may request an evaluation.

For more information regarding SoonerStart or to request services, contact your local County Health Department or OASIS (Oklahoma Areawide Services and Information System) at 1-800-426-2747 or

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