Home School

Permission to allow a child to be home schooled is made on a case-by-case basis after assessment of the situation and consultation with the district director. If the child is in temporary custody, written approval is required from the child’s parents. If the child is in permanent custody, written approval is obtained from the district director in the child’s county of court jurisdiction. The following matters are to be considered before the decision to home school is made:

  • Discuss and assess if the overall needs of the child will be met in the home school setting
  • Evaluate the resource parent’s experience and knowledge of home schooling
  • Ensure services can be coordinated between the previous public or private school in order that the child’s strengths and needs are addressed
  • Review curricula to be used by the resource parents to evaluate whether the curricula will meet the child’s educational needs
  • Assess child’s commitment to participate in home schooling
  • Discuss socialization activities

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