Resource parents are eligible to receive $200 in Respite Vouchers for a three-month period. The vouchers are obtained by contacting your resource worker. This $200 is provided in six vouchers which may be used as long as the total amount for all six vouchers does not exceed $200 for the three-month period. You, as the caregiver are responsible for completing the “Amount Claimed” portion and for carrying your remaining balance over to the next voucher. For example: six vouchers are issued for $200 (you don’t need to use all the vouchers, the vouchers can be used for any amount up to the total of the vouchers.) In this instance you have been issued $200 in vouchers.

  • Voucher 1 is used for respite in the amount of $50; your remaining balance on voucher 2 will be $150
  • Voucher 2 is used for respite in the amount of $25; your remaining balance on voucher 3 will be $125
  • And so forth

Should you use the total before utilizing all the vouchers, the unused vouchers should be returned to your resource specialist. Vouchers used over the total amount authorized are returned to you with notification of your responsibility for the charges in excess of the $200.

Frequently Asked Questions re: Respite

Is there an age limit on providers?
Yes, DHS will not reimburse anyone under the age of 21 years.
Can I use the vouchers to pay other bills, buy clothing, food, etc.?
No. ONLY respite services will be reimbursed.
Can I give a voucher to an alternate caregiver before they provide services?
No. DHS will only reimburse for services already rendered in accordance with Title 74 of the Oklahoma Statutes.
What if my chosen alternate caregiver wants payment at the beginning of the month for respite services that month?
If an alternate caregiver will not agree to wait for payment then you’ll need to find another person. Payment will only be made after services have been rendered.
Can a member of my household be approved as an alternate caregiver and provide respite care?
No. Only approved alternate caregivers who live outside the home can be approved.
Is there a set amount that I should pay for respite?
No. You and your alternate should negotiate the rate of pay.
How long are the vouchers good for?
Vouchers are valid for 90 days from the date of issue.
Who do I send the vouchers to?
The completed vouchers should be returned to your resource specialist.
Can a kinship family who is not an approved foster home get respite vouchers?
No. The kinship family will receive a training stipend to assist with training related expenses and also a Kinship Start-Up Stipend.

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