Alternate Caregiver

The resource family is required to identify an alternate provider who can care for the children placed in the home in case of family emergencies, family vacations or when the family needs a break. The resource family is responsible for identifying and reimbursing the alternate provider. The alternate provider must be at least 21 years of age and be willing to meet the following policy requirements for approval.

  • Submit to a background assessment by Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation
Submit to a CW records search for past confirmations of child maltreatment involving the alternate provider
  • Consent to a search of Juvenile Justice Information System (JOLTS) records for any child older than 13 years of age living in the house
  • Engage in an evaluation of the home to assess the location, condition, and capacity to accommodate the child in foster care
  • Provide one reference utilizing the Alternate Caregiver Reference Letter Comply with discipline and confidentiality policy
  • Comply with discipline and confidentiality policy

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